Patron Saints

  Patron Saint of Poverty (&punkrock) ps3 evans 

Patron Saint of Letting Go (If we knew now what we knew then would it change a thing?) Patron Saint of Finding Your Way

Excerpt from my art sketchbook & journal:

I think of “Saints” as one who sacrifices self for the sake of Love – in its various forms, not just romantically. Like how the Greeks differentiated and delineated three loves – philia, eros, and agape. That of brotherhood. friends, erotic-romantic sexual, and that which, is god like, in it “universality” – a deep appreciation for that person’s Being, and want for them thrive. (which I believe pertains to a love of nature-creation.

//These are My Patron Saints:

Patron saint of family.

Patron saint of letting go.

Patron saint of infatuation.

Patron saint of finding your way.

Patron saint of Poverty.


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