I found myself Lost

I found myself Lost
in a tidal wave of seas
within me

where the ocean of my mind
& the current of my intuition
meet, and crash
they did.

& awake
but by force, intrepid
& moving

faster than doubts & negligence
soaring on mystic,
on the edge of a brink moment.

How do you count the ways I love?
One, one-dozen
Two , one-dozen
how does it make sense to an outsider?
How do we ever communicate intelligently?!
How do we ever make sense and amends
of our troubles?! Do we tie ourselves & others
down on purpose?!
How do we evolve?!

I found myself Lost
in a whirlwind of emotions.

The dust in my eyes
the setting sun
in my reflection,
I wanted to show you my affection,
but started noticing my hangups.

Pretensions not Premonitions
Imaginations not Observances,
like a Holy Day
of celebration.

God, wash me
My mind is so broken
My hands wrathed
My spine crooken like a path

Wind me back to You
Wind me back to You.



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