ultimatums (none).

ultimatums (none). / or, The weather report: “Progress is typically a circuitous path that can lead you in a variety of directions as you attempt to advance…”

No options, no ultimatums..I just wanted to know you . I just wanted to
see inside (What the Hell am I talking about??) you were wise beyond
your twenty three years. You struck meas angsty. but honest. liberated.
on a  San Fransisco hill-side trolly. Going down hill (in the best way
possible. Along with gravity not against

angsty me. you. doesn’t it make sense? ..how we fell.

I didn’t mean to write this. There are greater things I am trying to fig-
ure out. (While you click a noise. that cuts through my head phones.
Why is it always this way? What did I do? You got me wondering through
past lives, and enriching. how about that? I feel a grasshopper, jumping
in circles. ever increasing circumferences. around you. how come?

Why so…difficult? en: twined-tertained-amored-gulfed

Infatuated-infuriated- in…filtrated?
In response: I don’t know
what to do. But to feel.

Feel all of it.

  • f) the tremors

    • hands enprosed , exposed, impounded & en-gulfed
    • nothing withing that I wished would be substantial
    • nothing of weight to tilt my weighty wheel of a heart
    • the god-damned silence
    • the worst mandarin orange , squeezed through
      teeth; citric embalming my nostrils, like a memory.
      How do you live with yourself: knowing the collapse
      of a pillar that you were? That you are – no ,. could be
      if wanted. guaranteed. sought after. mesmerized, and
      perpetuated. (Now how is that for Size???)

      • Size matters: as an ultimatum, of consequence,
        of offspring, of  pretense.

        • How do you…be you?
  • f) You.

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